I’m an educator by trade. A teacher who aligns with those who believe that activism is a crucial component of the teaching profession. Yes, I am one of those educators who sees the line between politics and life, teaching and civic commitment collapsing into each other. Therefore, I frequently join those in our community who defend the marginalized. Yes, those folks excluded of the official narratives of power.

I have been teaching for the last eighteen years for various community colleges in Los Angeles. And before teaching, I spent a year-2000-2001 in a fellowship with the very prestigious Coro Foundation-a nationally renowned institution that focuses on leadership development in public affairs.  After completion of the fellowship, I spent three years for SEIU-Local 1877 as an internal organizer in the City of Los Angeles. I was attracted to this organization for its rich history of fighting for social justice and its successful campaign of “Justice for Janitors” in the late 1990s.

Furthermore, I have been involved not only with civic organizations in many communities throughout the City of Los Angeles but also with many local elections. For an outline of  my background, click here to see my  Vitae-Resume

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