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Title 42 Expires on May 11th and Still no Political Imagination for Reform

It has been widely reported that since 2019 nearly 3 million migrants were immediately expelled without processing their asylum claims using Title 42, even when the majority of them had persuasive…

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In Light of all the Tribalism going on, Latinos Could Have Given A Second Chance To Their Leaders. They lost Two Powerful Positions

Latino leaders canceled Jose Huizar. He was never seen in another Latino community event. On the other hand, It was reported that Mark Ridley Thomas was sitting in the front row at Karen Bass'…

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On the Immigration Issue, Latinos Have An Abusive Relationship With The Democratic Party

For a democracy to function, voters must be able to politically organize and develop a culture of accountability from those they support.  To get along to go along and an aversion to confrontation is…

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