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Chamba SanchezBy Chamba SanchezAugust 16, 2021
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The fifth-largest economy in the world and the wealthiest state in the richest country on the planet is on the verge of recalling its governor. In one of the so-called bluest states in the nation, people are fatigued by the bloom and gloom and the inability of California’s Democratic-led state government to solve problems.

Republicans might have started this recall, but new polls show that support for the recall is deep and broad among voters. There is no hyperbole here, but unless Governor Newsom changes his strategies, Californians will wake up with a new Governor on September 15, 2021.

The pundits who argue that Governor Newsom’s lapses of judgment do not rise to a grievous level in which he needs to be recalled are missing the point.  These so-called experts fail to see the deep-seated anger and resentment of many people who see California teetering on collapse under democratic leadership.

Progressives who have been in the trenches demanding justice are not blind to the problems facing California.

This recall is a rallying cry for change, not one demanding a different philosophy for governing but a practical one with the will or courage to generate solutions for the enormous challenges facing people living in California. It truly is a critical framework that can be used to see and understand how arrogant democratic leaders have grown and the problems with unchecked power. Everywhere Californians look, they see very same problems that they have been facing for quite some time. A new level, a deeper level of thinking, is badly needed. It is time for soul searching. The major government institutions in the state-controlled by Democrats, cities, counties, and the state legislature, are not responsive to the basic needs of an average Californian. There are many imbalances and inferiorities in the distribution of resources that must end.

Democrats are all reciting the same bullet points. They assert that this recall is about a power grab by Republicans. Sadly, they also tell supporters that US Senator Feinstein might not make it in the next two years.  It is like the sky will fall if Governor Newsom is recalled. Utter nonsense that is not helping Governor Newsom.

If Governor Newsom gets the boot in this recall election, progressives don’t need to fret. Basic civic knowledge dictates that governors do not have absolute power. There are separation of powers and checks balances in place that will not allow a crazy individual from imposing his will on people in this state. Hence many progressives who might be voting for this recall are taking solace in the fact that Democrats control both chambers in the California State legislature. Democrats do not just enjoy majorities in the assembly and the state senate, but they also enjoy supermajorities in both houses. Democrats will have the ability to override gubernatorial vetos in real-time. These democratic chambers will become hostile in the event Governor Newsom is replaced.

There are progressives such as the author of this piece, who see a dysfunctional unemployment office that paid $11 billion in fraudulent claims while many Californians could not pay their rent. They also see gasoline prices going through the roof and see no solutions for their community’s sidewalks that have taken over homeless individuals with their tents.  In addition, California had a “staggering $75.7 billion surplus last year,” and help from Sacramento during the most challenging times during the pandemic crisis never came to many poor people in the state.

The enthusiasm gap between the right and the left is very telling. Republicans are ready to go without much effort in mobilizing supporters. Democrat voters still need persuasion.  These democratic voters have no time for civics. They are busy working and thinking about how they will pay for the rent.

It is mind-boggling seeing that not one out of the 46 candidates listed on the ballot appears to be ready to lead this complicated and ungovernable state. Yet this election is very close.  The Democratic leadership, including Governor Newsom in California, ask: “Why is the right-wing so animated and ready to vote, and why is the left missing in action?” There are many factors that the pundits do not usually consider.

The “left” is not as monolithic as political experts let on. There are substantial divisions among moderate or corporate democrats, Bernie Sanders’ supporters, and the so-called “socialists.” These people forget that Bernie Sanders won the state in the democratic primaries.  Sanders’ supporters and socialists are constantly disappointed by the corporate Democrats in Sacramento for being too close to corporate power.

And then we have the independents in the state who refuse to have any affiliation to neither major political party. Some of these voters might be fatigued with Democrats controlling all levers of power in the state and might like to see Newsom recalled. There are also African American voters whose leaders are coming out in public against the recall. Nonetheless, some of these very same leaders were utterly disappointed when Newsom appointed Alex Padilla to the United States Senate. Radio Show candidate Larry Elder will surely be reminding African American voters of Governor Newsom’s decision in this appointment.

There are 22.1 million registered voters in California, and 46% are registered, democrats. The other half is divided between Republicans and “No party preference” voters. There are not enough Republicans to recall a seating governor in California. Some “no party preference” voters, Republicans, and voters on the left who are tired of lip service from these democrats in Sacramento will have to join forces if they want to recall this embattled Governor.

Governor Newsom needs to fix the problems with the unemployment office, use the power of his office to do whatever he can in reducing the prices of gasoline and work with city governments to fix the homeless problems.

Californians are tired of showmanship, drama, and theatrics. They want solutions for the problems they are facing.

Thank you for reading.

Chamba Sanchez


Photo Credit: The picture used in this piece was taken by the author of the piece.

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