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We all Lose When Our Children’s Education Is Disrupted.

This strike disproportionally impacts poor Latino students. Seven out of ten students at LAUSD are Latinos who live in poverty. In California, 40% of the population are Latinos. There is no future in…

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How Could the US Not Have Known? Genaro Garcia Luna’s Conviction Is Not Justice For The People in Mexico

If the U.S. wants to help people in Mexico and other countries in Latin America, it must make a genuine effort to help these countries to cultivate the social and economic conditions. So people in…

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Latinos don’t usually speak in unison but the great majority responds with a resounding “no” to “Latinx”

Superficial labels do nothing for the people they intended to help. Changing the dictionary or adding words to it will not do anything for the trans community which is constantly attacked. It is all…

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