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Packing the Courts With Right Wing-Ideologues. Trump Is Winning “Bigly.” Why Aren’t We in the Streets?

As some of us celebrate Trump's impeachment, the courts are being packed with pro-life,  pro-guns, anti-workers, and xenophobic judges. They are also very young and lack legal experience; many of…

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Can “Socialist” Sanders Deliver and Why He Has not Fully Explained His “No” Vote on the Immigration Bill in 2007?

Moreover, there is that immigration reform needed. As one who would like to see immigration reform for the million undocumented people in this country, I found this very troubling.  In 2007 Sanders…

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Presidential Candidates Coming to L.A., but Will They Conquer?

Many voters in California, me included, are still shopping for a candidate.  These democratic presidential candidates need to tell us what we need to hear, not what we want to hear.  I am steering…

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